APY Europe makes it a point of honor to guarantee these customers quality after-sales service even outside of warranty :-).
This service is made up of technicians competent in the expertise of our equipment and in troubleshooting.

APY has a vast stock of spare parts in order to find a repair solution as quickly as possible. The equipment supported may be under or out of warranty, in which case you will be offered a quote for support and/or repair. A collection service can also be offered to you with loan/rental of equipment in order to compensate for the maintenance of your equipment (contact with the sales department must be made to discuss possible costs).

This service can be reached by telephone and email, this contact will result in the opening of a support ticket. This support is carried out very quickly (D or D+1). This ticket will make it easier to follow the progress of the repair.

At the end of this maintenance, technical support may ask you for validation of this repair via a remote support system when possible.
It is also possible to drop off the equipment directly at the APY premises after making an appointment with the support team.

support_telephonique_sav_apy_europe.jpg Warranty telephone support
Need help? Contact us now..
You can contact us from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

support_sav_email_apy_europe_01.jpg Email Service Support
Email support is available for all general warranty support requests.

Open a support ticket
If you encounter a hardware problem under & out of warranty, please complete the form. A technical support technician will contact you promptly.