NVIDIA A800 40 Go Active

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The Nvidia A800 40GB Active Card is a professional graphics card designed for high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and data science applications. It is based on Nvidia's Ampere architecture and has 40 GB of high-speed HBM2 memory.

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      NVIDIA A800 40Go active
      NVIDIA A800 40 Go Active
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      It offers an impressive performance of 9.7 teraflops at double precision (FP64) and 623.8 teraflops with third generation Tensor cores. It can be interconnected with another A800 card via NVLink technology to double memory capacity and bandwidth. It can also be partitioned into seven Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) instances to accelerate different types of workloads with security and isolation. The active A800 40GB card comes with a three-year subscription to Nvidia AI Enterprise, a software platform that includes more than 100 frameworks, libraries, pre-trained models and tools for developing and deploying AI and data science . The A800 40GB Active Card is an ideal solution for professionals looking to solve the world's most complex IT challenges


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