APY JBOD 60 4U storage expansion from 960 to 1.3 PB raw

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APY JBOD 60 disk storage extension in 4U for APY NAS 60 4U storage server .

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      APY JBOD 60 4U storage expansion from 960 to 1.3 PB raw
      APY JBOD 60 4U storage expansion from 960 to 1.3 PB raw
      APY JBOD 60 4U storage expansion from 960 to 1.3 PB raw
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      APY JBOD 24 Slots Storage Expansion in 4U for APY OPEN NAS24 4U storage server: A Massive Storage Expansion Solution

      Our all-new JBOD storage expansion, designed for the most demanding professional environments, offers a massive storage solution in a compact 4U form factor. With 24 hard drive slots, this unit allows businesses to store and manage huge volumes of data reliably and efficiently.

      Impressive raw capacity up to 528 TB

      Featuring an impressive raw capacity of up to 528TB, this storage expansion provides ample space for storing data, media files, backups and more. Whether you need to store corporate archives, high-resolution video files, or critical business data, this solution gives you the space to meet your current and future needs.

      Integrated Reliability and Security

      Reliability is at the heart of our design. Each component of this storage expansion has been carefully selected to ensure optimal performance and exceptional durability. Additionally, advanced security features are built in to protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your information.

      Effective Design and Ease of Management

      Thanks to its intelligent design, this storage expansion offers easy and efficient management. Drives can be added or replaced with ease, minimizing downtime and ensuring maximum data availability. Additionally, the user-friendly interface allows for quick configuration and accurate monitoring of system status, giving administrators full control over the entire storage network.

      Whether you work in enterprise IT, video production, data analytics, or any other industry requiring massive, reliable storage, our 24-slot 4U JBOD storage expansion is the ideal solution. With its impressive 528 TB raw capacity, exceptional reliability and ease of management, it will meet all your data storage needs,while providing complete peace of mind.


      Data sheet

      Case size
      Rack 4U
      Network interface
      Broadcom CTRL HBA SAS 12G 8pi

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