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Hammerspace Software Unify and Automate Unstructured Data Orchestration Across Any Data Center, Any Cloud, Anywhere. 

Hammerspace is a powerful scale-out software solution designed to automate unstructured data orchestration and global file access across storage from any vendor at the edge, in data centers, and the cloud.

What is Hammerspace?

Software to Unify Data Silos Hammerspace overcomes the limitations of fragmented on-prem & cloud data environments.

- Metadata-Driven Data Orchestration
Hammerspace solves key problems IT organizations face when managing global data access, plus data orchestration and data services across multi-vendor silos, including the edge, on-prem storage from any vendor & one or more cloud providers.

- Simplify Control, Increase Utilization
Hammerspace is a vendor-neutral software solution that makes data a global resource, so IT staff can automate data orchestration by policy, but without interrupting user access. It enables organizations to extend the life of existing storage resources to reduce costs, while also enabling the flexibility of hybrid-cloud and multi-site use cases seamlessly.

- Scale-Out Architecture Expands and Contracts as You Need it
Hammerspace is installed in minutes with a single software package on any combination of bare-metal servers, type-two hypervisors, and/or cloud instances, for maximum flexibility. Its scale-out architecture can start very small at a single site, but dynamically expand to support very high-performance use cases at one location, or also grow to span the globe seamlessly across multiple on-prem and/or cloud-based data centers.


Une vue logique des zones fonctionnelles avec l’architecture Hammerspace. A logical view of functional areas with Hammerspace architecture. The software is fully integrated in a single installer, including everything needed to get up an running on commodity hardware, VMs, or in the could.

La différence Hammerspace


Read/Write From Anywhere

Provide global access to users and applications to all of your data, from anywhere in the world, no matter where it is stored.

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Unify Data Silos

Unify all of your data on any storage from any vendor in any on-prem and cloud location into a single, accessible global data environment.


Overcome Data Gravity

Automate non-disruptive data orchestration globally for unstructured data the edge, in data centers, and the cloud.

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