vast data une percée dans la simplicité

Exabyte-scale all-flash file and object storage with NAS simplicity and breakthrough economy

VAST DATA is on a mission to create the only data platform capable of meeting the ambition of companies in the age of AI. By creating simple solutions to make data more meaningful, we help organizations around the world unlock radical intelligence and utility. We empower them to make better decisions, innovate and solve previously impossible problems for the benefit of business and therefore society

A breakthrough in simplicity.

When organizations no longer have to worry about levels, when users never have to worry about infrastructure, and when administrators no longer need to monitor systems, everything becomes simple

vast data une percée dans la simplicité

vast data une percée dans l'evolutiviité

A breakthrough in scalability.

DASE™ is the first scale-out architecture to avoid cluster partitioning and eliminate east-west cluster traffic. Capacity scales down to the exabyte, performance is linear at any scale.

A breakthrough in resilience.

Our disaggregated, stateless architecture eliminates common node failure failure issues, provides outage resilience on-premises and operating at greater than 99.999% availability on exabytes of deployed infrastructure.

vast data une percée dans la résilience

vast data assistance

Redesigned support for large-scale customers.

We recognize that petabyte-scale customers can't waste time with Tier 1 support. Our co-pilot and support engineering teams partner closely with customers to ensure continued success.

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