weka Vitesse hallucinante

WEKA, The data platform for the era of cloud and AI

Store, process and manage your data seamlessly and durably in virtually any location with cloud simplicity and on-premises performance.

The WEKA® Data Platform Delivers Uncompromising Speed, Simplicity
Scalability and Durability

Mind-blowing speed

Deliver unbeatable file and object performance for your most demanding applications supporting high I/O, low latency, small files, and mixed workloads without tuning.

weka Vitesse hallucinante

weka simplicité séduisante

Alluring simplicity.

ateEjdanWtEliminate the complexity and trade-offs of traditional data infrastructure with a single, easy-to-use data platform that eliminates on-premises and cloud storage silos.

Infinite scale.

Scale your compute and storage independently and linearly on-premises or in the cloud to handle tens of millions , even billions of files of all data types and sizes.

weka echelle infinie

weka durabilité sans effort

Effortless durability

Reduce energy consumption and resulting carbon emissions by reducing pipeline idle time by data, extending the life of your hardware and moving workloads to the cloud.

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