APY SC 3U 8-node AMD Ryzen 9 compute server

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APY 3U calculation server with 8 nodes: 8 AMD RYZEN 7000 series processors up to 16/32 cores at 4.2~5.7GHz.

Up to 512GB DDR5 memory,

8 960GB U.2 NVMe SSDs,

2 1 GbE network ports, IPMI

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      APY SC 3U 8-node AMD Ryzen 9 compute server
      APY SC 3U 8-node AMD Ryzen 9 compute server
      APY SC 3U 8-node AMD Ryzen 9 compute server
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      3U APY Compute Server with 8 AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Processors, 512 GB DDR5, and 8 960 GB U.2 SSDs

      The APY 3U Compute Server we are introducing is a powerful computing solution designed for intensive workloads, complex data analysis and high-performance computing tasks. With its cutting-edge features, this server is perfectly suited to the needs of businesses and data centers looking for unparalleled performance.

      Main Characteristics:

      1. AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processors: This server is equipped with no less than 8 AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processors. These processors offer a high number of cores and threads, allowing multiple tasks to be executed simultaneously and processing efficiently the most demanding workloads.

      2. 512 GB DDR5 memory: With an impressive 512 GB DDR5 RAM, this server guarantees excellent performance in managing data and running memory-intensive applications.

      3. Fast U.2 SSD Storage: The server is equipped with 8 U.2 SSDs of 960 GB each, providing fast, reliable and high-capacity storage to meet the storage needs of massive data, databases and virtualization workloads.

      4. 3U Rack-Mountable: Its 3U design allows for easy installation in standard server cabinets, while providing enough space to integrate the high-end components necessary for exceptional performance.

      5. Advanced Connectivity: This server has Gigabit or 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports for fast network connectivity, as well as PCIe ports for expanded functionality.

      6. Remote Management: It is equipped with advanced remote management tools, facilitating remote monitoring and maintenance, which contributes to effective management of your infrastructure.

      7. Reliability and Security: This server is designed to ensure maximum reliability, with integrated security features to protect your sensitive data and critical applications.

      8. Effective Cooling: An efficient cooling system is integrated to maintain optimal temperatures even during intensive workloads, ensuring stable performance and extended component life.

      Whether for big data analysis, simulation, virtualization or other intensive computing tasks, this 3U compute server is a robust solution that will meet the most demanding needs of your business.



      Data sheet

      Case size
      Rack 3U
      Number of processors supported
      8 processeurs
      processor range
      AMD Ryzen™ serie 7000
      Maximum configurable memory
      Jusqu'à 512Go DDR5
      Memory Type
      Proposed operating system(s)
      Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 Bits
      Microsoft Windows 11 Pro 64 Bits

      Specific References