APY SCG GPGPU Computing Server 2U 4 GPU AMD EPYC Serie 9004

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Single-socket AMD EPYC™ 9004 APY Server designed to meet the demands of enterprise AI infrastructure to deliver unprecedented performance with cutting-edge GPUs, faster GPU interconnect, and higher bandwidth fabric high, and supports up to four active slots.
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      APY SCG GPGPU Computing Server 2U 4 GPU AMD EPYC Serie 9004
      APY SCG GPGPU Computing Server 2U 4 GPU AMD EPYC Serie 9004
      APY SCG GPGPU Computing Server 2U 4 GPU AMD EPYC Serie 9004
      Processor :
      random access memory (RAM) :
      Graphics cards :
      SSD system & data storage :
      Operating system :
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      The 2U GPU Compute Server with AMD Genoa processor and four Nvidia professional ADA cards is a high-performance computing solution designed to meet the demands of compute- and graphics-intensive workloads. This configuration provides exceptional computing power and great flexibility for the most demanding professional, scientific and industrial applications.

      Main Characteristics:

      1. AMD Genoa processor: This server is equipped with the AMD Genova processor, an advanced processing unit offering exceptional multi-core computing performance. With its high multitasking capabilities, it can handle complex tasks simultaneously, improving efficiency and productivity.

      2. Nvidia Professional ADA Graphics Cards: The server is equipped with four professional Nvidia ADA series graphics cards. These cards are specifically designed for professional environments, delivering exceptional graphics performance and comprehensive support for parallel computing technologies, essential for tasks such as 3D modeling, simulation, and deep learning.

      3. Computing and Display Capabilities: Nvidia ADA cards offer large video memory capacity, enabling rapid processing of massive datasets, as well as high-quality graphics output, ideal for for applications requiring detailed and precise visualizations.

      4. Storage and Connectivity: The server offers a variety of storage options, including high-performance SSDs and high-capacity hard drives. It is also equipped with 10 GbE Ethernet ports for fast data transfers and PCIe ports for future expansion of storage capacity or adding expansion cards.

      5. Thermal Management and Reliability: An advanced cooling system ensures optimal operation, even under heavy use, ensuring system reliability and stability during critical workloads.

      6. Remote Management and Security: The server is generally equipped with remote management features, allowing real-time monitoring and remote management of components.Built-in hardware security ensures data protection and confidentiality of stored information.

      This 2U GPU compute server delivers the industry-leading performance, scalability and reliability needed for the most demanding professional and scientific applications. It is an ideal choice for businesses and research organizations requiring exceptional computing and graphics processing capabilities.


      Data sheet

      Case size
      Rack 2U
      Number of processors supported
      1 processor
      CPU brand
      processor range
      AMD EPYC™ serie 9004 Genoa
      Maximum configurable memory
      Jusqu'à 1T DDR5 ECC REG
      Number of graphics card(s) supported
      Graphics card brand
      Proposed operating system(s)
      Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 Bits
      Microsoft Windows 11 Pro 64 Bits
      Solutions logiciels
      Davince Resolve
      Foundry Nuke
      NVIDIA Omniverse
      Premiere Pro
      Unreal Engine

      Specific References