Ai Lab Workshop by APY





Discover the possibilities of artificial intelligence

and how to start your projects well


Why be interested in AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the next big digital revolution. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a set of techniques and algorithms for the development of complex computer programs, capable of simulating certain traits of human intelligence (reasoning, learning ...). This allows a computer to have the ability to analyze and make decisions that allow it to intelligently adapt and anticipate situations from data already acquired.

Data is ubiquitous in business and its volume and complexity are increasing. It is not uncommon for structures to get lost in this gigantic mass of information. The exploitation of this data requires the establishment of automated processes. This is where artificial intelligence may be the solution.

The AI ​​Lab workshop aims to introduce you to the principles of artificial intelligence, to understand data preparation and to understand the importance of physical infrastructure. This event will also be the occasion for business use cases that have already deployed applications of artificial intelligence.



Program of the day of Tuesday, September 10, 2019



9.00AM // Reception of the participants

9.15AM // Start of the first intervention Demystifying artificial intelligence

10.30AM // Coffee break

10.45AM // Second intervention What are the material prerequisites for embarking on a development project?

11.45AM // Third intervention How to prepare your data for deep learning?

12.30PM // Break with a cocktail lunch



2.00PM // Fourth intervention Case of use of a business intelligence solution with demonstration

3.00PM // Fifth intervention Discovery of NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute training solutions

3.30PM // Coffee break

3.45PM // sixth intervention The importance of storage in a process of learning and inference (by a partner)

4.30PM // AI Lab intervention

5.00PM // End of the day