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APY is specialized in the sale and short-term rental of professional digital solutions for image professions: Cinema, Video, Events, Architecture, Design, Simulation, CAD, IA.

Since its inception in 1998, APY has been developing and assembling its own workstations, compute servers and file servers. This particularity allows us to quickly provide the best solutions adapted to the needs of our customers.

Leading companies in our market trust us such as Mac Guff Illumination, Mikros Image, Prodigious, Mathematic, St. Louis TV, Alstom, CGEV, Digital District, Ellipse Studio, Trimaran, Benuts (Belgium), Nightshift, One More Production, Antycip Simulation, MOLB, ACCO, Saretco, TRAD, Platform Motion, ...

It isn't uncommon for French animation productions to be produced largely with APY machines. Our fleet of short-term rental equipment makes it possible to respond rapidly to the significant demands for additional computing power and storage required when producing this type of film.


We have been supplying all image professions since 1998 


Visual effects / Animation



Virtual Reality / Simulation




Artificial intelligence





APY is certified by NVIDIA as a Preferred Solution Provider for Graphic Virtualization, Professional Visualization, Artificial Intelligence and HPC. This label distinguishes the best partners in the world for their technological know-how.



We are rental specialists

From a punctual increase in production capacity to a project requiring a progressive lease over time

APY offers Render Farm Short Term Rental service, workstations and secure data servers. All these solutions, adapted to the constraints of our customers, are available for a rental period of one week to several months.

APY accompanies  to your evolutive rental  projects. A solution that allows you to preserve your cash flow and your cash flow  but also to have an update your equipment  during the term of the contract.

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Where to find us ?

A presence in Europe and
North America to support our customers


Expertise:  Workstations // calculation servers (GPUs and CPUs) // storage servers // Graphic virtualization solutions // Solutions for artificial intelligence // Calculations in the cloud


ExpertiseVideo equipment and accessories // Studio equipment // Workstations // calculation servers (GPU and CPU) // storage servers // Cloud computing // Graphic virtualization solutions