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APY announces the acquisition of the Canadian company 3DI Syntheses


January 8, 2017 - APY, a company recognized for the design and integration of professional IT solutions tailored to the image professions, announces the acquisition of 3DI Syntheses in Montreal.


APY, founded in 1998, thus implements its policy of international expansion. Solidly established in Europe, through its subsidiary in France, the company has built an excellent reputation. The company is often cited as an example for the responsiveness of its teams and its technological know-how in the manufacture of workstations and servers for professionals in 3D animation and film production.


3DI Syntheses, based in Montreal in the province of Quebec, is for its part a company on a human scale. Founded in 1993, the company specializes in the integration of computers for digital production trades such as the video game industry, video, television and film. 3DI Syntheses will allow the entire APY group to benefit from its know-how in the field of video.


The rapprochement between the two companies was inevitable. 3DI Syntheses has been targeted as having the best profile for such an operation. It offers significant complementarity with the group's European subsidiary. This operation now allows the APY brand to shine in the North American market with teams already in place, production facilities and functional structures. We will very quickly set up a short and medium term rental offer for workstations, servers and rendering solutions. Simon Feuermann, Managing Director of APY.


This acquisition now enables 3DI Syntheses to rely on the technical expertise of APY's European teams in the areas of storage, GPU and CPU computation, and artificial intelligence. Significant resources are made available to Canadian society to develop. Synergies between the teams began for communication and marketing, the establishment of e-commerce and business development. The North American entity, however, remains commercially independent of its "European sister".



Founded in 1998, APY is a recognized company for the design and integration of professional IT solutions tailored to the image professions. The company has established a strong presence in Europe as technology solution providers for film production. It is not uncommon for production companies, French or foreign, to produce part of their animation films on configurations designed and assembled under the APY brand.



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