Our team


simon feuermann

Chief Executive Officer

«Give priority to the manufacturing quality and performance of each solution designed and marketed under the APY brand. "This is the main motto of Simon FEUERMANN, President of the company and founder of the group.

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chantal feuermann

President and Administrative Officer

She founded the APY group with Simon twenty years ago. Involved and dedicated, Chantal is often the voice of reason at management meetings. She is an administrative manager and manages the finances of the APY group with an iron fist. Chantal has greatly contributed to the success of the group worldwide.

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Technical director

He is the technical surety of the APY group. Patrice is passionate about new technology. He has known, throughout his long career, all generations of components. It's a living encyclopedia of computers. He is the main architect of the excellent reputation of the quality of design and manufacturing of APY solutions. Patrice will soon retire from active life and enjoy a well deserved rest.

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anthony Prachantry

Assistant Technical Manager

«Nearly twenty years in customer support in business have allowed him to gain a strong experience in computing.  He is the main architect of the excellent reputation of the quality of design and manufacturing of APY solutions. 

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Head of Media Business Unit (EMEA)

«With nearly thirty years' experience in the post-production sector, this former IT manager brings his know-how to the service of the APY group. Hervé now manages the sales department. Whatever the difficulty of a client project, it always has an answer adapted to your needs.

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Abdel HAMID 


«Technico-commercial trade, he has been for many years specialized in the fields of 3D (architecture, design, VR, etc.). Abdel knows perfectly the issues related to business software. His expertise is now recognized and make him a major asset for the APY group.

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Head of Enterprise Business Unit (EMEA)

«He is the youngest member of the team. Make no mistake, behind its young age hides an impressive technological know-how in GPU. His knowledge of the artificial intelligence, graphic virtualization and supercomputing market will be a plus in your future projects.

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christophe rodrigues
Christophe RODRIGUES

Director of Operations (EMEA / AMERICA)

Specialized in emerging technologies such as High Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, he is in charge of international group development at APY.                                                        

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christophe desmoires
Christophe DESMOIRES

Purchasing & Business Development Manager E-commerce and Digital Marketing (EMEA / AMERICA)

Passionate about new technologies, he is the internet guru of the company, with a solid reputation in the IT integration community. He is in charge of the strategy of expansion on the web of the group and its subsidiaries around the world.

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Caroline DAIX
Caroline DAIX

Commercial Support Manager (EMEA)

It brings all its know-how and creativity to the group and its subsidiaries. Responsible for commercial support, she defines the guidelines for marketing and communication.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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olivier dannhauer

Pre-sales / R&D

«Geek, knowledgeable Linuxian, technical guru, etc. : the qualifiers for presenting Olivier are numerous. These twenty-five years in the image industry have allowed him to build a solid know-how and skills. Pre-sales and head of research and development within the APY Group, Olivier contributes to the development of new solutions for the brand.

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jean luc chemineau

Logistics Manager and Deliveries

«He is one of the pillars of the APY group. His good humor, his dedication, his kindness make him one of the most appreciated collaborators of our customers since ten years. It is thanks to Jean-Luc that APY solutions are delivered safely and on time. It is often the first link of communication with our customers.

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Head of International Development (EMEA / AMERICA)

After a successful first experience with the APY Group, she returns to bring her experience in operational marketing. Its mission: to help the development and the influence of the APY brand in Europe and North America.

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