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Published : 11/05/2018 15:41:24
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ACTUIA article by Johanna DIAZ

Intel has announced the launch of its new Cascade Lake Advanced Performance processor. It is expected to be marketed in the first half of 2019.

Intel Cascade Lake is part of the manufacturer's new generation of processors. With 48 cores per CPU, engraved in 14 nm, its 12 channels of DDR4 RAM per socket and its MCP (Multi-Chip Package) architecture, it is specially designed for artificial intelligence, high performance computing and IaaS. This new Intel processor will also use the UPI (Ultra Path Interconnect) to interconnect the dies.

On the performance side, this Cascade Lake Advanced Performance will have far more memory channels than other CPUs and will reach up to 17x more frames per second (compared to Intel Xeon Platinum) for deep learning inference. The maker of Santa Clara announces at the same time scores multiplied by 3.4 times for Linpack and 1.3 times for Stream Triad, compared with the AMD Epyc 7601 processor.

Intel is responding to the success of AMD and its Epyc range in server processors. The Cascade Lake architecture will soon be able to count on future Cascade Lake-SP processors and a Cascade Lake-AP architecture for Intel Xeon Scalable. The group's conference during the 2018 Supercomputing event should allow to know more about the deep learning performances of the Intel novelties.

Intel Xeon Cascade Lake AP

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