storage server APY STG24  FULL SSD

storage server APY STG24 FULL SSD

APY Storage Server STG24 FULL SSD

2U chassis 24 SSD drives
- AMD EPYC 7551 Processor 32 cores (64 Threads) at 2 GHz
- 2 x SSD 250 GB mirrored (system)
- 24 SSD of 500 GB, 1 TB, 2TB, 4TB or 8TB (useful storage capacity: 9 TB up to 144 TB)
- 2 GigaEthernet port
- 2 ports 10 GigaEthernet and / or 40 GigaEthernet and / or 100 GigaEthernet
- 1 GigaEthernet port for remote administration (IPMI)
- Operating system: FreeNAS 11.2 or Linux

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APY Storage Server STG24 FULL SSD

We have developed a server that uses SSD technology while retaining the data protection afforded by APY STG products while staying within a price-content range.

The APY STG24 FULL SSD servers offer the same security and management features as all APY STG servers:

- The data storage volumes as well as the system volume are secure. The operating system manages software-based disk redundancy, which allows for faster rebuilding when replacing hard disks
- The escalation of alerts by email makes it possible to monitor the correct operation of the remote server.
- Replacement discs and an inverter are systematically available
- All APY STG FULL SSD servers can be managed remotely using an IPMI interface
- Administration and configuration of APY STG FULL SSD servers is done through a web interface.

The advantages of SSDs (solid state disk) compared to hard drives are not to be demonstrated: faster access times (no mechanics), higher speeds, reliability ... and they do not suffer from performance-related drops splitting the data.

The performance of the APY STG24 FULL SSD server therefore remains very high and does not drop over time.

We wanted to promote the APY STG24 FULL SSD server's bit rates in a usage range that specifically corresponds to the needs of our customers in post-production as well as 3D and special effects studios.

Bitrates of more than 4 Gbytes / s in random mode are reached when data exchanges of more than 128 kbytes are used, which corresponds to files of type: sequence of images, 3D database or VFX .

The useful capabilities offered for APY STG24 FULL SSD servers range from 9 TB up to 144 TB.

Technical comparison APY STG24 FULL SSD vs. APY STG24 (HDD):

* 67% reading and 33% random writing with 32 users, the tests were done with the FIO software.

Data sheet
Form factor
Rack 4U
AMD EPYC 7000 series
Max Configurable Memory
Operating Systems
FreeNAS 11.2 or Linux
Disks) supported
24 x SSD drive up to 144TB
430mm x 680mm x 88mm

APY guarantees 3 years parts and labor back workshop your workstation and your server