Storage servers APY STG OpenNAS

Storage servers APY STG OpenNAS

APY STG OpenNAS secure data servers are designed for the most demanding production environments:

- The use of RAM as read cache can greatly increase the processing capacity of a large number of inputs / outputs.

- The data storage volumes and the system volume are secure. OpenNAS system manages software-based disk redundancy, enabling faster rebuilds when replacing hard disks

- The escalation of alerts by email makes it possible to monitor the correct operation of the remote server.

- Replacement discs and an inverter are systematically offered

- All APY STG OpenNAS servers can be managed remotely using an IPMI interface, administration and configuration of APY STG OpenNAS servers is done via a web interface. All our servers are FREENAS compatible.

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4U chassis 36 drives

- Intel Xeon Processor - Up to 512 GB of memory

- Internal storage:

Up to 241 terabytes of usable capacity

360 Terabytes of raw capacity (36 disks of 6, 8 or 10 terabytes)

- 2 GigaEthernet ports

- 2 GigaEthernet ports 10

- Optional Fiber Channel

- Hot-swappable and redundant power modules (2x1200W)

- 2 mirrored SSDs for the operating system