AI workstation

For artificial intelligence pros, APY IA stations with Intel or AMD processors can receive 3.4 and up to 5 GPUs for APY AI Lx².

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This workstation is the best compromise if you start your AI projects. The AI Mt G4 can ship up to four NVIDIA graphics cards (Geforce RTX, Titan RTX or Quadro RTX). The power of the integrated Tensor Cores in each GPU gives you significant power for Deep Learning.

This station also has an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX  processor that takes advantage of 32 physical cores and 64 threads. An association with the many GPUs that allows the APY AI Mt G4 to be perfectly sized for fast data processing in machine learning.

APY AI LX² Workstation

This is the most atypical of our workstations. At first glance, we do not realize the potential of APY AI Lx². This configuration can, first of all, integrate up to five graphics cards or (passive) calculation cards. NVIDIA Quadro cards and NVIDIA Tesla cards can be combined.

It is a workstation designed and designed for AI. Despite its tower format, the APY AI Lx² can be used in the server room. A rail kit allows it to be installed in the bay of your compute cluster. This model is finally distinguished by its two latest generation processors Intel Xeon Scalable.