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APY workstations

APY workstations are designed to meet the most demanding requirements for video, graphics, special effects, and artificial intelligence applications. 

They enable the use of Intel and AMD processors to the maximum of their performances while guaranteeing a remarkable reliability expected for a professional use.

The AMD and Nvidia graphics cards we offer have been tested and validated in APY stations with the most demanding applications.We have made every effort to minimize the noise impact of our workstations while trying to reduce weight and bulk by using aluminum housings. All our stations are guaranteed parts and labor for 3 years.

We also offer short-term rental of workstations, workstations, ready-to-use, delivered and retrieved at the location of your event, learn more

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  • Maximum number of graphic cards : 5

APY AI LX² Workstation

This is the most atypical of our workstations. At first glance, we do not realize the potential of APY AI Lx². This configuration can, first of all, integrate up to five graphics cards or (passive) calculation cards. NVIDIA Quadro cards and NVIDIA Tesla cards can be combined.

It is a workstation designed and designed for AI. Despite its tower format, the APY AI Lx² can be used in the server room. A rail kit allows it to be installed in the bay of your compute cluster. This model is finally distinguished by its two latest generation processors Intel Xeon Scalable.